About Us

Transformation Wellness Center’s (TWC) mission is to provide excellent, comprehensive, complementary and alternative health care through:

  • massage therapy
  • advanced body work
  • occupational therapy
  • naturopathic medicine
  • far infrared sauna
  • educational classes and workshops

We look at the whole person, their needs and health challenges, to assist them in not simply feeling better, but in actually being better. Using an integrated approach and a variety of techniques, we assist our clients in achieving and maintaining wellness naturally through non-invasive but highly-effective means. This approach allows us to be well-equipped to deliver unmatched service and support to our clients as each and every session is tailored for the individual’s specific needs.

We look for the root cause of a problem and don’t simply treat symptoms. Most importantly, we strive to give our clients the tools they need to be successful even when they leave our office. This education is key to our clients’ success in maintaining a healthy state as we believe that it is the reframing of our thoughts around what it truly means to have health and wellness that allows us to take the ownership necessary to achieve it. Our goal is to empower people to take this ownership and assist them in their journey.

We meet you where you’re at in your wellness journey without judgment. Regardless of your current situation, we can help you meet your wellness goals.

Highlighted Practitioners

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Statement of Independence
Transformation Wellness Center, LLC is an independently owned and operated business collaborating with other independently owned and operated businesses to bring you a variety of natural, complementary, and alternative health and wellness services in one convenient location.  While TWC collaborates with these businesses and occasionally accepts payments on their behalf, it does not participate in the operations or management of these businesses or bear responsibility for any of the services provided therein.