Congratulations on taking the next step toward achieving your wellness goals. At Transformation Wellness Center, we don’t just help you feel better; we help you actually be better. By focusing on the root cause of your wellness concern and using an integrative approach, we customize your treatment plan to get you on the path to wellness and living the life you deserve.

In order to provide you with a variety of natural, complementary, and alternative health and wellness services in one convenient location, we offer massage therapy , advanced bodywork, occupational therapy, myofascial release , trigger point therapy , craniosacral , naturopathic medicine, wellness classes and workshops, and more. Please select the service you are interested in from the options listed to the left to learn more about the kinds of treatment provided by our experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. If you are unsure as to which treatment type you need, please visit the services tab for detailed information about each modality (treatment type).

Our Philosophy

At Transformation Wellness Center, we don't just help our clients feel better; we help them actually be b etter by treating the root cause of a problem and not just the symptoms. Using a multidisciplinary approach and an integrated treatment plan customized to address individual wellness concerns, our practitioners help clients achieve and maintain wellness long term.

Using a variety of non-invasive, complementary therapies, supported by research and formal study, we address our clients’ needs by focusing on the whole person to achieve the best results. This is accomplished using various forms of massage and bodywork, such as myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, essential oil applications, occupational therapy, naturopathic medicine, and more.

We believe knowledge is the key to empowering each client to achieve true wellness as we only assist them in their process and don’t achieve it for them. We also believe that the reframing of thought around what it means and what it takes to have health and vitality is imperative to this success and is why we strive to give them as many resources as possible to assist them in their journey.

As we provide our clients with the knowledge and tools required to take ownership of their health, we enable them to be successful even after they leave our facility. To further this objective, we regularly offer a variety of classes and workshops on topics that meaningfully support them during their wellness journey.