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By Transformation Wellness Center
October 30, 2015
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It’s estimated that over one-third of all American adults have gone to a massage therapist for help. It is a trusted treatment for clients who need stress relief as well as relief from aches and pains. One type of massage that is in-demand with clients from all walks of life is called the Thai massage. It's a popular treatment offered by the massage therapy specialists at Transformation Wellness Center in Troy.

What Is Thai Massage?
As the name suggests, this form of massage therapy has its roots in Thai culture. It’s estimated that it was developed as early as 800 AD, and has close ties to other now-common practices that came from the East, like Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga. It uses a combination of pressure point massage, yoga stretches and energizing techniques to give the patient a relaxed and invigorating experience.

Who Can Benefit from Thai Massage?
With so many different types of massages available, clients often want to know if Thai massage therapy is right for them. Here are a few categories of clients who can benefit from Thai massage therapy:

  • - People who are generally overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.
  • - Clients with chronic muscular pains or circulatory issues.
  • - Yoga enthusiasts.
  • - Clients who need a boost to their immune system (a claim supported by the American Massage Therapy Association).
  • - Clients who don’t feel comfortable with disrobing for a massage (most Thai massage is done fully clothed).

How Often Should You Visit?
Thai massages are performed in the comfort of a relaxing room at the Transformation Wellness Center in Troy. Your therapist will discuss the suggested frequency of visits with you at your first consultation appointment. The exact answer varies by patient -- for instance, someone suffering from chronic muscle pains may benefit from seeing a therapist several times per week for this treatment. In other cases, visiting once per week or even once per month may be sufficient.

Massaging the Pain and Stress Away...
Having massage therapy performed by a skilled professional can not only relieve you of pain, but also of mental stress. Call the Transformation Wellness Center in Troy today at 248-918-4898 to schedule your first Thai massage.


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