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By Transformation Wellness Center
March 30, 2015
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Achieving optimal wellness means having complete alignment between your mind, body, and soul. But when your mind is one place, while the rest of you is somewhere else, it's easy to see why you're feeling chronically fatigued or lack the bravado for life that you used to enjoy during better days.

At Transformation Wellness Center LLC, one of the top wellness-achieving practices available is the Raindrop Technique. First developed by D. Gary Young, ND, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, the Raindrop Technique utilizes the power behind natural essential oils to help reduce symptoms such as inflammation, persistent pain, stuffed lymph nodes, and unruly nervous systems in patients hoping to find lasting reprieve.

The Raindrop Technique helps improve the structural and electrical alignment of your body, simultaneously encouraging greater healing and speedier recoveries. For a normal Raindrop therapy, nine essential oils are used, including:

  • oregano
  • thyme
  • basil
  • cypress
  • wintergreen
  • marjoram
  • peppermint
  • Valor
  • Aroma Siez

What Does The Raindrop Technique Look Like?

The client first lies down on his/her back while the therapist lathers oils onto the spinal reflexes of that person's feet. Next, the client rolls over and oils are applied to his/her back from between 6-12 inches above. Then, the therapist uses "feather strokes" (light strokes) to smooth out the oils on the client's back. The nature of feather strokes stimulates the nervous system.

Once all the essential oils are on the client's back, the therapist will use a hot compress to press them deeper into his/her back muscles and underlying tissue cells. Finally, cervical stretching or craniosacral therapy concludes the session while initiating the complete wellness healing response.

The Raindrop Technique has been found to successfully aid in the amelioration of wellness issues ranging from immunodeficiency to chronic pain syndromes. It's even been known to help relieve patients with scoliosis symptoms.

For more information about the Raindrop Technique or any of the other holistic therapies in the Troy, MI area, give Transformation Wellness Center LLC a call at (248) 918-4898 today!


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